Wood-look tiles are still a trend in 2021
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Here’s why at the time of choosing a new appearance for your walls and floors, wood-look tiles can be a great alternative. 

Colors. From the color of your tiles, you can make combinations with the rest of your space elements: walls, furniture, accessories, and equipment. With a wide array of colors from white to grey and red, this material allows you to go from the most classic style to the most innovative. 

Styles. Wood-looking tyles can work for more rustic and vintage styles and also minimalist Scandinavian-inspired styles. You just have to choose the color palette that fits best and use your imagination. 

Installation. They generally need a minimum of white cement between the tiles. Hence, the space between each piece is small, which helps prevent deterioration, pores, and decoloring of the installation material. 

Easy maintenance. By having all the advantages of ceramic, wooden floors practically don’t need a lot of care. Besides, they are easy to clean, and they are water-resistant because they have a minimum water absorption percentage. 

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