Your kitchen will get back to live with proper tiles.
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With these pieces of advice, you can make your kitchen be a useful space and turn it into a place full of style and personality.

Think in white. Use white tiles to cover partially or entirely the walls of your kitchen. If you decide to leave parts of the walls without tiles, use vivid colors on them to keep both luminosity and warmness.

Allow the black color. Black is elegant and mixes well not just with neutral colors, but also with more dared colors. Regarding the finishing, you can choose between polished, glossy, matt, natural, among others.

Combine. If you want to use porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles on your kitchen walls and doors, choose different looks, shapes, and colors for both. If you use just one color on the walls, you can bet on mosaics for the floors. That way, you will have a vibrant and vanguardist space.

Mix materials. Focusing on just one material, texture, or finish is a traditional way to see kitchens. Opt for creating visual interest with tiles of vibrant colors, countertops with finishes on gold, granite, wood, marble, etc.

Nostalgy is allowed. Tiles with the shape of brick (Metro-style) can give to your kitchen a classic Parisian bistro air, that is retro and atemporal at the same time. There are several alternatives of colors that fit with your furniture and appliances.

Think big. Large-format tiles are a perfect option for kitchens with generous space. They aren’t invasive and offer beauty and durability.

The possibilities are endless. We invite you to visit us at our tile stores Prosein Doral and Prosein Aventura. In these two locations, you will find a large selection of wood look tiles, concrete look tiles, stone look tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaics, countertops, among other products that make your kitchen be the new protagonist of your home.

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