Your relationship with the interior designer
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As soon as you are ready to take your renovation project to the next level, you need to hire a professional who will articulate and bring your ideas to life. Understanding some of these essential aspects of this relationship is essential for achieving success.

The designer’s primary task

There are specific characteristics you can expect from an interior designer, such as being familiar with the general principles of design and having the creativity and sensibility to work to meet the needs of each client. In addition, they should be well-versed in products, brands, and significant trends. It is not uncommon for us to receive interior designers, even when they are not involved in a project, who visit our tile store to check out the latest tiles, faucets, and other products. Also, they should help you save money, maintain a schedule and structure for your project, and enhance your ideas. 

When talking about saving, it is important to remember that there are at least two levels in which your interior designer will help you optimize resources. The first is that these professionals have a vast network of contacts between suppliers and contractors, so you will immediately have everything you need at your disposal. But, in addition, an interior designer assures you that the project has the professional touch you require, knowing that you are adding value to your property, whether you are going to enjoy it or if you are going to sell it.

A good interior designer can help you maximize resources on at least two levels for saving. First, these professionals have a vast network of contacts between suppliers and contractors, so you will have everything you need right at your fingertips. Second, as well as adding value, an interior designer ensures that your project has the professional touch you need to know that it will increase the value of your property, whether it will remain in your family or be sold.

In terms of time, no one can guarantee the exact number of days a renovation will take. But when you hire an interior designer, he will organize all the tasks and activities, right from materials to the last inspections, so that you can make the most of every hour your team spends working.

Finally, the best professionals in this field will listen to you rather than imposing their views and ideas on you. They will do their best to take it to a level you probably couldn’t have imagined when you started the project. Be sure to keep the communication channels open and express all your ideas at the beginning of the project and throughout it.

Beyond the obvious

Your relationship with your designer should extend beyond the basic skills of this professional. So let’s look at how you can enhance your relationship with them.

Compatibility. Talk to your designer candidates and make sure they share your views on decorating styles and what the renovation space requires. 

Ability to listen. If your designer overwhelms you with his ideas without considering what you are saying, look for another option. If you want to make decisions about your own space, you’ll need someone to contribute and listen to your arguments and criteria.

Accessibility. If your designer takes days to answer your calls and more time to schedule meetings, you should reconsider. The ability to access a project is essential for the success of a project, regardless of how many occupations we may have.

Don’t limit yourself when presenting your ideas. The success of any relationship depends not only on one person but on everyone involved. Therefore, to avoid dissatisfaction in your project, express your ideas clearly and remember that if you cannot articulate them verbally or in writing, use platforms like Pinterest to do it with images that can give the designer more facts about your project.

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