We have imagined the home of the future for years. From representations in animated series such as The Jetsons or Futurama to the integration of systems like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, to the every-year news coming from the Consumer Electronics Show, we have always been anticipating the next technology will be and how it will impact our lives.

However, as the old slogan says, the future is now, and from now on, we can enjoy many features that will enhance our homes for years to come. It is a matter of technology and reconnection with the human spirit, which makes our family life possible.

Here are three essential concepts for understanding the current house that will be valid in the coming years as we redefine this vital part of our lives.

Smart home

As this technology is still in full development, there will be significant changes within a short time. In addition, it’s no longer just about kitchen equipment, faucets, and other bathroom accessories or new lighting systems. Furniture, for example, incorporates this technology to allow for plenty of customized options. It is already possible for artificial intelligence programs to recommend new products to users based on their existing products. It will enable one or a few applications to control most house elements on any device, such as a tablet or smartphone.

Color therapy

Conscientiously or unconsciously, people have used color in the last two years to express their individuality and infuse their spaces with the emotions and feelings necessary to cope with unprecedented challenges, such as teleworking and homeschooling. The use of color is here to stay, and experts consider it a booming trend. Pinks, burnt oranges, blues, and greens provide a tropical atmosphere with many natural connections. Specific contrasts between colors and tones are explored, especially between natural elements such as stone and wood.

Home Studio

Teleworking has tremendous potential for organizations and employees alike as a recent discovery. When video conferencing has become a standard, renovation projects have taken existing rooms or created new ones through partitions to create professional working environments. As a result, it is now expected that traditional outlets and USB ports will be required on the walls to accommodate various devices. Also, this is no longer a matter just for elders of the house, since children and young people, for fun or in fulfillment of school assignments, need rooms that can serve as workspaces to generate content for social media platforms.

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