Halloween is a ton of fun for the kids, but it doesn’t have to stop there! Halloween house decor is the most fun when you embrace the season, whether you want to transform your space into a spooky haunted house or prefer a natural harvest theme. There are infinite possibilities, no matter what your style is. These 6 Halloween decor ideas are sure to get you into the Halloween spirit. 

  1. Focus on a theme. Instead of using different motifs simultaneously, from zombies to ghosts and pumpkins to skeletons, you can create a unique concept for your seasonal decoration by focusing on a theme. You’ll find it easier to choose colors (from black and white to fluorescent oranges or greens) and shop for a few allusive items.
  2. Incorporate everyday objects. You can turn a lamp, picture, or portrait frame hanging on the wall into the star of your seasonal decoration with some stickers or fabric or paper lining. 
  3. Go for atmosphere rather than crude images. Avoid pieces that remind of mutilated human body parts or pools of blood that may shock younger children or offend neighbors. Instead, you can suggest some supernatural being using unexplained noises and visuals. 
  4. Use nature. Use dried leaves and fallen branches from trees, dirt, or rocks to simulate a haunted graveyard. Record the night sounds of some birds to achieve the ambiance you want, with a realistic touch and without spending much money.
  1. Recycle. You can organize small-scale renovation projects to take advantage of those materials and recycle them. By replacing the tiles on your floor, you can turn them into mosaics with Halloween motifs; similarly, if you replace the mirrors, you have the perfect element to decorate… and scare!
  2. Play with all the senses. Often, we focus on decorations that appeal to the eye. On occasions like these, the secret is to engage the rest of the senses. Sound can be a great ally, but you can also diffuse some aromas and air. In addition, combining light and shadows or lights reminiscent of fog or flashing lights is a perfect complement.

Use these decor ideas to spark your creativity and expand on your favorite Halloween decorations. Happy Halloween!