Nobody doubts its functional character when building, but is it possible to use concrete as a protagonist element in decoration? Find out how concrete has become a real star.

From hardness to beauty

Concrete is a material with fascinating qualities regarding durability and resistance. Since its uniform and gray appearance is associated with the more rustic or industrial, it sometimes can project a monotonous image. But times are changing, and those who until recently are looking for more colorful options have seen concrete differently.

Concrete has had admirers among the great masters of architecture, such as Le Corbusier, Tadao Ando, and Oscar Niemeyer. They found a powerful means of expression in concrete, with varied nuances and multiple applications.

Nowadays, many decorative trends are increasingly betting on the demonstration of raw materials such as this one. As far as modern styles are concerned, concrete is a material with a lot of potential to create minimalists environments.

Why use tiles with a concrete look?

One of the featured products in this month’s catalog at Prosein Tile Store is Materica, the Spanish porcelain that offers a concrete look, being such a good alternative in commercial spaces and at home.


This tile offers a mysterious beauty that conveys the essence of craftsmanship and the sophistication of the urban atmosphere. Its delicate finish reflects details that recall the imperfection of the traditional finish.

Combination possibilities

The light and dark shades and their large format allow playing with spaces, their dimensions, and lighting to create different effects according to the area. As a result, it is a very versatile finish throughout the kitchen, from living rooms to bathrooms.


You get all the advantages of tiles, including easy maintenance and years of useful life, making it an investment that always pays off.

Matching potential

Because of its color and character, this tile can perfectly complement other materials such as wood, brick, or metals.

Are you thinking of including Materica tile in your next project? Then, visit us at Prosein Doral tile store and Prosein Aventura tile store to make the concrete look like a season’s winner.