Cer Dassel Walnut Natural

As a new year begins, the experts’ opinions on the trends will make a difference in decoration.

The last two years’ decoration trends, which feature natural elements and timeless styles like Nordic austerity, will remain focused. This means that you will not need to make radical changes to feel like your spaces fit the ambiance in 2022.

More eclectic and risky styles related to humanity’s creative spirit and struggle to overcome adversity would replace the extreme minimalism us saw last year. Less is still more, but austerity will not be the norm.

Brass and gold finishes can continue but are matte or satin. In addition, gloss is avoided on large surfaces and is preserved in details that contrast the whole.

Trending materials

These are some materials you can expect in 2022.


While woods in natural tones dominated the design world last year, a darker shade reminiscent of chocolate emerged as the favorite in 2022. The sobriety and elegance of walnut replace the rustic look of lighter versions. In addition, when you choose wood, you know that it’s durable, easy to combine, and versatile; it can be used in the kitchen and the bathroom with other appreciated products like natural stones.


Leather can be included in furniture in a traditional way: sofas, chairs, and even tables can benefit from this comeback. Additionally, it can be found in carpets, photo frames, mirrors, and parts of handmade objects that are highly valued today. So here we have another material that is elegant, sober, and comfortable with a touch of sophistication for all kinds of spaces, from a study to a library to a hallway.


As an element of textiles and natural elements, linen returns with great force for the same reasons it has been used for thousands of years. Its appearance and its touch are unique, it is resistant, and it is easy to maintain. As with a sofa cover or its cushions, it feels fresh and very comfortable. It also has a spectacular drop for curtains.


This is one material that best represents 2021 trends that will still apply. A cement look – be it matte, satin, or bright – also implies minimalism. In addition, we must always consider cement for its ease of application, quality/price ratio, durability, and potential for combination with other trendy materials such as wood. It is also essential to keep in mind that cement is a neutral base that can be adapted to a variety of decorative styles and not just to industrial ones. Micro cement contains polymers, fibers, and colored pigments, which will allow you to achieve a variety of finishes.

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