There are indeed timeless styles and trends, but others come and lose their relevance as soon as we adopt them. In this post, we explore some of the key factors underlying this phenomenon and reveal some decoration trends that have gone out of style, even though they were top-notch in 2021. 


Who sets the trends?

It is one of the most important questions in decoration, especially since the answer has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Historically, it was specialized publications and the decorators themselves who drove the trends that ultimately prevailed. 

Because of the new communications ecosystem, which gives consumers a lot of power, this situation has drastically changed, with far more ups and downs than ever before. For example, a few months ago, we saw how the use of recycled materials (such as vases made from bottles, tables from pallets, or writing positive phrases from books or songs on walls) gained strength from Instagram to become a global trend.

Platforms such as Pinterest have become permanent sources of reference and inspiration. Besides acting as a thermometer of tastes, they have also become a place where professionals and customers meet.

Bloggers and influencers have also been playing an increasingly important role in developing and spreading trends that favor social networks’ viral potential.

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The trends that 2021 took away

As a result of the pandemic in 2020 and the confinement, the decoration of home spaces came into focus because of the considerable time spent within the house. Some trends simply disappeared; we tell you about them so that you won’t mistake betting on them at the wrong time.

Millennial pink. Beyond the colors recommended by Pantone that typically set the tone, millennial pink became one of the main protagonists in hotels, shops, and even homes. It was well-liked and used, but perhaps it got overused and is already worn out. Today, the trend is to use neutral colors, including classics such as beige and white that have always been popular.

Cacti. We used these plants both in their natural form and as printed wallpaper, cushions, curtains, and so much more to provide spaces with that strange rustic charm. The problem is that it has become monotonous as the only decoration motif. Green touches must come from other plants that lend a more contemporary look.

Dazzling colors in the kitchen. The feel of the 50s diners on the walls, the floor, and even the kitchen tops seemed like a good idea, but as with all vintages, you are always too close to become old-fashioned, and nobody wants this in their home. Natural stones and wood are back, and a lot of natural light brings brightness and modernity to the room.

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