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This trend redefines our relationship with our homes in a way that goes far beyond simple aesthetic changes. Here’s what you need to know about it and how you can get started.

What mindfulness looks like?

The concept of mindfulness has become omnipresent for some time now: articles, conferences, television programs, talks, workshops, diplomas, and support groups have all emerged to promote its benefits. The practice of mindfulness is intended to improve the quality of life of individuals.

The definition of homefulness starts with this concept: the feeling of pleasure, attachment, and relief that comes with getting home, a feeling of peace and relaxation, where we are as relaxed as possible, away from stress. Homefulness can be defined as “the pleasure of being at home.”, according to Tiffany Watt Smith, author of The Book of Human Emotions.

Although you are clearly connected to those who live in the home, it is ideal that you convey that same feeling to everyone who enters these spaces.

How to get started?

Here are four general tips to bring homefulness to your house:


The most important thing to adapt homefulness to your home is to maintain order. Although it seems simple, you must consider that the feeling of pleasure disappears when you arrive home to find a messy space or a decoration that is not in harmony. Disorder alters and takes away the desire to get home, the opposite of the feeling of relaxation you are looking for. A tidy house is a house full of positive energy. This is the first thing we must feel when opening the door for ourselves or our guests.

Choose simple decoration styles

Regardless of the type of decoration that predominates in your home, decorating with over one trend is not a good idea to transmit relaxation and harmony when you enter the house. It is unnecessary to reach minimalism, but the more visual cleanliness you can find when you get home, the more sense of pleasure you will get. You can start with the decoration of your hall since it is the first room you see when entering the house.

Choose relaxing shapes

Select rounded shapes and avoid the sharp cuts caused by the corners. That is why rounded tables and sofas bring calm to your spaces.

Bet on natural materials

Natural fabrics and materials are essential for creating relaxed environments at home, as they contribute to creating a more welcoming environment. Also, remember that the decoration with plants brings freshness, joy, and an extra touch of color to any home. The connection with nature will always have a positive impact.

Homefulness can start with a nice floor or walls that convey a sense of calm and well-being. Stop by your favorite tile store in Miami: Prosein Doral tile store or Prosein Aventura Tile Store.