Because of its versatility and ability to keep germs and bacteria at bay, porcelain is a material that is often chosen for bathrooms; however, it must be properly maintained to remain clean and attractive. Here are some tips for taking care of porcelain tiles:

Onix Porcelain Tile

The dangerous footprint of water

The first enemy of porcelain in the bathroom is the stains that develop over time because of running water.

Although invisible to the eye, the water from our faucets contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Stains caused by its passage through surfaces such as walls and floors are often more challenging to remove and may even require you to replace the tile.

Upon evaporation, minerals remain on the surface and slowly accumulate to form a layer that can become thick enough to be noticeable and affect the porcelain’s appearance. Besides dust reaching the porcelain daily, stains will appear more clearly if the water in your area also contains iron residues. We must address these problems in time, even before they arise.

Prevention stage

Here are some tips for preventing porcelain stains caused by water residues.

Drying constantly. After using the shower, keep a towel or cloth handy and dry as much water as possible.

Mop by hand. If you turn on the sink faucet too hard or get out of the shower wet, dry the floors immediately afterward.

Weekly cleaning. Apply a liquid porcelain cleaner at least once every week or fortnight; remove it with warm water and dry it immediately. It is the best way to ensure the long-term durability of your porcelain tiles.

Use absorbent rugs. Place absorbent mats or rugs where water is most likely to accumulate in the bathroom.

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