Why have beige, brown, and gray shades become so popular recently? The first reason that comes to mind is the warmth they reflect, even when used as the only chromatic element in all decorative elements. Warm and cozy are two words that appear easily associated with these colors.

The diversity of neutral shades in porcelain, textiles, paint, furniture, and other objects (which can be colored from raw materials such as wood) creates unique atmospheres that convey order and balance. The harmonious colors expand, illuminate and relax, making it perfect for warming the spaces.

Their contemporary and elegant design delimits interior spaces, and they can cover a wide range of surfaces for years to come because you won’t get tired of them.

Colors in neutral tones evoke images of beaches, canyons, deserts, and the radiant sun’s light, blending interior and exterior spaces seamlessly. Whether your style is Nordic, rustic, minimalist, classic, or modern, neutral colors help you highlight the furniture’s materials and other components.

Color Compatibility

To understand a neutral tone, keep in mind that it contains low intensity and saturation. The lack of chroma or prominent tones is another characteristic of neutral colors.

Therefore, neutral colors include several pigments and all those gray tones between white and black: white, black, beige, ivory, cream, gray, brown, and brown. The difference between them lies in the intensity of their light.

Taking this into consideration, another advantage of neutral color palettes is that they can admit combinations with other colors to give vivacity to your spaces.

Pinks: A color that perfectly complements the warmth provided by beiges and browns, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Oranges: The rusty tinge often seen in clays is easily incorporated into woods and leather since they offer color and texture that enhances the tone.

Pastel blues: Used in moderation, they provide strength and character and moderate the luminosity of neutral colors to create shadow effects.

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