Before the pandemic, one of the great debates was about the future of retail. Faced with the rise of online commerce, the most optimistic saw small stores as a memory of the past, intended only for very traditional or elderly shoppers. The more pessimistic predicted its end.

However, the almost compulsory nature of online shopping and introducing delivery apps had the opposite effect: due to pandemics, consumers stayed at home waiting for the conditions to return to the street: offices, cafes, restaurants, and even stores. Because of this, today, we are witnessing a revival of retail, where decoration is fundamental.


Building experiences

We must remember that the store’s physical space is important to its marketing: it is pointless to project an image through traditional advertising and social media communication if there is no physical space corresponding to that image.

And now more than ever, we must consider that the potential buyers not only seek to buy something they need or want, but they also look for spaces that generate an experience that shows that it is a place designed to make them feel unique.

Each decorative element must creatively communicate the brand’s personality. The colors, the typographic fonts used, the lines of the furniture, and its design must be combined in synergy to give strength to the message.

Also, it is necessary to favor social distancing and ease the required use of disinfection procedures.

3 tips to boost your store

You can take advantage of the retail revival and create a memorable shopping experience that motivates consumers to come back by following these three simple suggestions.

Break the monotony

Be creative and try to surprise your customers with something unexpected: why not try mosaics? It’s a striking and straightforward way to make your shop stand out.


Try smart illumination

Lighting is an element to create atmospheres and even sensations in your store space, regardless of the day, time, or season. Smart lighting systems allow you to do this easily. It is time for you to re-energize your business and maximize its potential.

Create focal points

You can also create focal points in your store that can be photographed and shared on social media. Consider a wall with natural stone or mirrors to attract customers’ attention.

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