Undertaking a remodeling project will require commitment, time, and money, but it is worth it.

We review some of the most important reasons to start your project and a list of considerations before getting started.

The aesthetic reasons

The beauty of spaces is not only a matter of contemplative pleasure, but it directly impacts our relationship with them. For example, many people found that, unfortunately, different rooms in their homes did not have qualities that favored warmth and hospitality during the pandemic.

The confinement gave rise to an interest in the proper conditioning of residences, both indoors and outdoors, with the challenge of a beauty that makes us feel connected.

From radical changes of materials to the use of mosaics or tiles with the appearance of wood to make slight changes, the possibilities are multiple.

The practical reasons

Often, we buy a property, and although we feel satisfied with necessary aspects such as the property’s location or the size, the internal distribution wastes part of the space.

For example, the size and distribution of the kitchen or bathrooms depend mainly on the people’s use and the time they plan to spend in them. Logically, the adjustments should be made.

Sometimes a visit to one of our tile stores is enough to discover alternatives that adapt the spaces to our needs.

Economic reasons

A remodel can (and should) positively impact your property valuation with the help of interior design professionals. And it is not only about incorporating materials or elements such as kitchen tops or especially expensive faucets, but also about incorporating changes that enhance the spaces.

good remodeling project from internal redistributions to the use of exteriors with paths, or the creation of entertainment or social spaces (bars or barbecues, for example), as well as facade, wall, and floor refreshes, is an investment.

Things to consider before you start

Think of these aspects as a short checklist worth considering.


It makes little sense to start a project without knowing your resources, so we recommend you start with this. Of course, you must have a margin of flexibility because sometimes there are unforeseen expenses.


Before you meet with a contractor, keep in mind what you want to achieve in your spaces. Then, take advantage of social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest that have many ideas in images so you can choose. You can also visit our Catalog to explore materials and references.


A remodeling will always affect the dynamics of your home, so you should have an estimated time for the project and discuss it with your contractor.


Especially when renovations are partial, review on your own and then discuss with your contractor that the changes will effectively allow you to keep the rest of the space as it is. This goes from porcelain to the possibility of connecting your smart equipment with devices such as Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home.

Before photos

Both for aesthetic reasons and to understand that you and your contractor did indeed achieve their goal, it is worthwhile to make a photographic record of how the space is before starting so that you can then compare.

Don’t know where to start? Visit us in our Prosein Doral and Prosein Aventura tile stores to explore materials, styles, and costs. Our in-store advisors can help you make that remodel a reality, no matter how small or large it may be.