Why choose wood-looking tiles?
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It’s hard to deny that wood is a beautiful material for floors and walls, both in appearance and feel. It can add a special touch to any space. However, in recent years, ceramics with a wooden appearance have achieved realistic designs and textures that, sometimes, even show veins and knots.

A wide range of decorative styles is available for floors with wood-looking tiles. For example, a sophisticated environment can be created with ultra-bright wood effects, or a rustic setting can be made with opaque wood tiles that feature reliefs, veins, and colors.

A variety of wood-looking tiles are available, which opens more options for interior design and decoration in commercial and residential spaces in our tile stores. Porcelain also has advantages over natural wood.


Porcelain versus natural wood

Less maintenance

There’s no doubt about the beauty of wood, but preserving it periodically requires treatments that can be expensive and complicated. In comparison, the maintenance of porcelain is minimal.



Sometimes, when the wood is exposed to elements like sunlight or rainwater, it starts to discolor, which takes away much of its beauty, unlike porcelain, which can maintain its appearance even under extreme conditions.



Porcelain also has an advantage in this aspect because of its waterproof properties.


Non-slip character

The non-slip properties of wood-looking tiles make them ideal for use in bathrooms, as well as in other wet areas, such as terraces, patios, and porches.


Protection of the environment

Suppose you consider the large number of trees required to get enough wood for a wall or a wooden floor and add the possibility of replacing it partially or totally in the medium term. Then you’ll realize that wood isn’t an economical alternative. On the other hand, porcelain provides the same warmth and beauty as wood. In addition, consider that porcelain is an inert material, does not degrade, and does not release any form of contamination as another advantage.


4 Things You Should Know About Dassel Walnut Natural




Its white paste base with imitation wood is ideal for walls and facades.


Its appearance is transgressive, daring, and authentic with its unique textures and reliefs that form straight, hard, and dominant lines.


Its Walnut hue, one of Prosein’s products of the month, provides a versatile version for projects that need to incorporate a natural charm to impress.


Combining its features results in a striking design full of personality that will leave no one indifferent.


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