Month: August 2022

How to maintain porcelain tiles in the bathroom
15 August, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

Because of its versatility and ability to keep germs and bacteria at bay, porcelain is a material that is often chosen for bathrooms; however, it must be properly maintained to remain clean and attractive. Here are some tips for taking care of porcelain tiles: The dangerous footprint of water The first enemy of porcelain in

The neutral color palette: more than a trend
1 August, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

Why have beige, brown, and gray shades become so popular recently? The first reason that comes to mind is the warmth they reflect, even when used as the only chromatic element in all decorative elements. Warm and cozy are two words that appear easily associated with these colors. The diversity of neutral shades in porcelain,


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