If you have tried different materials for your bathroom and kitchen but still can’t find the right formula, mosaics could be the answer to getting it done creatively and simply.

An illustrious history

When you visit your favorite tile store, you will find a wide variety of mosaics ready to give a modern look to your space.

Mosaics are artworks constructed from small pieces of glass, stone, ceramic, and other natural materials. These fragments are placed in patterns, paintings, and decorative designs held together by an adhesive and grout.

Mosaics have been a popular art form in various cultures around the world. Ancient Mesopotamian mosaics date back to the third millennium B.C. when a temple was decorated with abstract figures using ivory, shells, and stones. That was the foundation of the mosaics made thousands of years later in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Greek and Roman artists chose to create images and patterns in their mosaics.

Mosaics had a significant influence on the West and the Islamic world until the Renaissance when this art form was abandoned. Yet, the mosaic was revivedby modernists, from the Catalan genius Antoni Gaudi to art déco designers. Modern artists helped keep this ancient art form alive and paved the way for contemporary mosaic creators.


Mosaic myths

Don’t miss out on getting a mosaic because of some myths about this beautiful and sophisticated material.

Old-fashioned appearance

Their history aside, it is easy to see that they are a timeless decorative form that transcends momentary trends.

Better for outdoors

While mosaic can be striking on floors in the external areas of a house or the patio, it works perfectly in spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom.


Special care

Neither the installation nor the maintenance needs any procedure or product different from that required for traditional porcelain so that you can enjoy the aesthetic advantages without major worries.

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