Brick Natural Tile

One of the most recognizable tiles has surpassed one hundred years and still has a unique vitality worth considering when buying tiles. We tell you some of its secrets.

Origin of an icon

Although it does not have the ancestral character of natural stones, Subway Tile has become one of those alternatives that gives a special vibe to the place where it is.

This tile was used to cover the walls of the first line of the New York subway network in the early 20th century. It was quickly exported to Europe to be used in the stations of major capitals such as Paris, London, and Madrid. Some stations still proudly display it.

Since then, Subway Tile has been an important material, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. It’s almost unbelievable how these small white rectangles could survive dozens of trends throughout their existence, and now it’s back, more vital than ever.

Although most of them are rectangular and white, these tiles have also taken on other geometric shapes such as hexagonal and have also been available in various colors, which has increased the possibilities of taking advantage of them. For example, with rectangles ones, you can place them in herringbone or vertical to contrast with the traditional horizontal installation to create very diverse mosaics.

8 good reasons to use Metro tiles in your next renovation project

Here are some reasons that make choosing Metro tiles an excellent decision.

Ease of installation

Metro tile has an interesting advantage, especially when it comes to project deadlines.

Quality/price ratio

Although the price will vary depending on the quality, tile thickness, or finishes, this type of tile is a worthwhile investment compared to other alternatives.

Minimalist character

They are great representatives of the idea that less is more. That is why they have great prominence in the austere Nordic styles of decoration that are so fashionable today.

Functional character

They are not simply beautiful, but these tiles are easy to clean and resist the demands of spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.


Subway tiles can be found in gloss or satin finish, white or colored, and in mini versions. These different styles can be alternated to create personalized and visually striking effects.


You can choose to have only one wall or simply a delimited space with this tile, and you will have no problem combining other materials harmoniously.

Timeless character

Since their origin more than a century ago, they are still present in many cities and interior spaces.

Decorative potential

Geometric shapes are a trend in floors and walls of minimalist decorative styles, and precisely this tile brings the possibility of playing with its rectangles markedly.


Where can you find the best Subway tile style?

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