Month: May 2022

Bringing the 90s back to life with Newstalgia
25 May, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

The 90s is back but with a contemporary approach to this decorative trend that has more and more followers. An indelible cultural footprint It is no coincidence that television series such as Seinfeld or Friends have not only maintained but increased their legion of followers, many of them too young to remember the episodes in

Mid-Century: a style that never goes out of style
13 May, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

  We always look forward to anticipating the next trend. Even though this style is inherited from the twentieth century, it is worth considering in any new project. Interpretation of Modernism The Mid-Century Modern decorative style is directly related to Modernism, an international movement that emerged in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It

Mosaics: a special touch for kitchens and bathrooms
1 May, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

If you have tried different materials for your bathroom and kitchen but still can’t find the right formula, mosaics could be the answer to getting it done creatively and simply. An illustrious history When you visit your favorite tile store, you will find a wide variety of mosaics ready to give a modern look to


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