The 90s is back but with a contemporary approach to this decorative trend that has more and more followers.

An indelible cultural footprint

It is no coincidence that television series such as Seinfeld or Friends have not only maintained but increased their legion of followers, many of them too young to remember the episodes in their original broadcasts, who are attracted to what the 90s meant in the broadest sense.

As a result of technological advancements that rapidly spread and sophisticated forms of communication, it was a decade that allowed advances previously impossible.

This is why the 90’s are hard to forget, in music, movies, the way we dress, and the way we decorate our homes. Newstalgia is nothing but a decorative style that uses elements of that decade that have already passed us by some 30 years and blends them with contemporary aspects to create a new ambiance.

This look at the past but with an eye firmly set on the present can enhance common spaces, such as the foyer or kitchen, and more intimate rooms, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and even outdoor areas.

Keys to understanding the trend


It is not simply a matter of using a vintage object. The philosophy of reusing things is not only to pay homage to the past but also to vindicate the importance of recycling and giving a second life to objects. Using second-hand objects becomes a commitment to contribute to making a more sustainable planet.


There is a convergence of elements typical of the houses of the 80s and 90s that include old telephones, analog cameras, retro sofas, velvet chairs, patterned curtains, rocking chairs, poufs, photographs, candlesticks, and all those elements that a few decades ago were part of everyday life. These objects have often undergone meticulous restoration processes to reflect their original vitality.

Colorful coverings:

Tiles in very bright colors that recall the stridency of the 80s or natural stones such as marble are one of the preferred solutions to achieve a fresh effect that moves away from all the excessively sober styles with Scandinavian influence popular recently.

Technological elements:

It is not about creating an outdated atmosphere. Instead, it seamlessly incorporates elements of home automation and smart home, including intelligent lighting systems to enhance the effects with the rest of the decorative elements.

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