Spring and decoration trends
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Spring is one of the favorite seasons of the year, in which the blooming of flowers seems to make the colors more vivid, and there is a different energy that you surely want to have in your house. Here are some ideas of how you can take advantage of it in the decoration.

Time for changes

Nature invites you to rediscover it: the days start earlier and the sun shines differently. Change seems inevitable in spring. So, it is a perfect season to think about changes in decoration. Surely you will want to take advantage of the natural luminosity to give a different vibe to the kitchen or bathrooms by incorporating natural details in colors, prints, or even plants.

It’s the beginning of a season that stimulates creativity, so you can visit our tile stores to make a reality those changes to your home you have been delaying. It is a perfect time to consider incorporating natural stone in one of your spaces, giving an organic touch with wood look tiles, or trying the magic of mosaic that offers diversity.

The possibilities are multiple; only imagination is the limit.




Some trends for spring decoration

Every year, specialists look for ways that you can bring all the charm of spring to your home with changes that can range from incorporating an object to complete concepts that go through a renovation of colors or furniture, so here we share some of those trends for 2022.

Furniture of rounded and functional shapes 

Instead of the rigid angles, look for curves and all the aesthetic possibilities offered in sofas, armchairs, chairs, and poufs. Also, the double-function furniture trend has come back: the sofa bed, the tables with secret compartments, the tables to eat and work, etc.


They do not have to be expensive or immense pieces, but the combination of details that have their history, of objects capable of having a presence beyond the space they occupy, can be your allies. Searching for these pieces in antique stores, flea markets, or garage sales is usually an adventure.

Bold colors  

Various ranges of green, peach pink, bright yellow, violet, or electric blue are part of the color palette with which you leave behind the tones of the coldest season of the year. If you want a more sober effect, you can opt for sand or brown tones. Remember, you can get varied pieces of these colors either for an extensive renovation project or to retouch a room in your house in our tile store. Also, consider that you can try applying the color only on a wall or a floor section.

Lightweight textiles  

Cotton and linen are mainly the natural alternatives for furniture upholstery or curtains. Dare to break with the unicolor monotony and look for prints with motifs that recall nature, especially flowers, or with ethnic motifs that provide an exotic touch while remaining modern.

It can also be ideal for changing the faucets or some bathroom detail. Why not cheer up and visit us in our Prosein Tile Store Aventura and Prosein Tile Store Doral so together we can find the perfect spring touch for your next project.


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