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This guide will show you why tiles are, without a doubt, the best option for your home.

It starts with a simple concept:

Tiles are usually thin, square, or rectangular coverings manufactured from hard-wearing materials such as ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or glass.

It has a wide range of uses:

Thanks to its variety of formats, surfaces, colors, and decorative effects, it can be used on floors, walls, and architectural volumes in both interiors and exteriors, as well as in commercial and residential spaces. From a simple mosaic in the bathroom to a kitchen countertop to the constantly trafficked floors of common areas, there is a type of tile to fulfill that function.

There are aesthetic, technical, and functional reasons to prefer it. Aesthetically, it adds beauty to its surroundings; technically, it can withstand pressure from the moment of installation; and functionally, it is easy to maintain.

Fireproof. Tiles are non-combustible, do not emit toxic gases or smoke when burned, and inhibit flames, thus reducing fire damage to some extent.

Flexibility. The pieces can range in size from a few centimeters to panels of more than one meter so that you can combine them in several ways during installation. In addition, to achieve different aesthetic effects, you can choose between using equal or uneven joints, diagonal or zigzag layout, horizontal or vertical.

Health-friendly. There are no harmful substances emitted from tiles. Additionally, tiles do not retain dust, pollen, or germs, minimizing health risks.

Recycling potential. You can easily reuse tiles left over from a project to replace broken pieces during a repair (such as plumbing). We can also reuse the tiles in other construction projects, reducing solid waste even after demolition.

Multiple decorative styles. So whether you are looking for the most minimalist designs or the most striking and daring color palettes, your specialized tile store will always have a tile to fit your decorative concept.

Easy and economical to maintain. For example, keeping tiles clean and maintaining their decorative properties requires only hot water and neutral commercial detergent.

We’re waiting for you in our Prosein tile store Doral and Prosein tile store Aventura tile stores to help to find the best tiles for your project.