Autumn Porcelain Tile

Known as a transitional season from summer’s freedom and liveliness to winter’s austerity, Fall has its own key to decorating with personality and keeping up with the surrounding changes. Just as the trees shed their withered leaves to make way for new ones, some strategic changes in your home can convey the spirit of this peculiar season. The following are some trends that interior designers are talking about for fall 2022.

Checkerboard pattern:

This is a classic that we can always turn to, and for this Fall, it seems to be all the rage. Although you can use patterns when installing tiles, you can also use them on carpets and curtains. Don’t limit yourself to black and white: play with shades of neutral colors such as beige and brown and play with proportions from a small space where the checkerboard is a secondary motif to an entire room.

Contrasting textures:

Investing in natural stone such as marble can give your home an outstanding finish, but if your entire environment has that same serious feel, it may be time to look for contrasts that create new atmospheres. For example, try furniture and cushions with textiles in fabrics such as velvet in bright colors. Wood in chairs and tables can also contribute to this contrast.


Curves always find their way back into styles rich in angles and add that organic and sometimes sensual character they can only provide. The collection includes abstract-shaped sofas, mirrors, tables, cushions, and even curved pillows for the bedroom.

Gallery walls:

Use walls as a fantastic gallery. Rediscover the almost lost art of printing family photographs and dust off those paintings you haven’t shown for some time. Take a tour of the markets and fairs often set up in the Fall to check out local artists’ works.

Retro Mix:

Decorative elements from the 1950s through the 1990s are gaining popularity as the appetite for nostalgia grows. Mix the elegance of mid-century furniture with the bright colors reminiscent of 60s psychedelia or even 70s disco music to give a new air to different spaces in your home. A game room or a study would be the perfect place for this collection of items that remind us where we come from to inspire creativity.

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