The exterior of your home can become far more than just a facade and landscaping. How can you make the space functional and personal? Creativity is key.

The following ideas can be implemented in different ways depending on the year’s season and can add value to your property. The goal is to reinvent the outdoor experience for all family members, and here is a good starting point.

Inspiration for all tastes

Here are some ideas you can implement to achieve the change you’re looking for.

Fountains and ponds:

Bringing the magic of water to your garden is possible with the various alternatives in ornamental fountains and ponds. This is a way to elevate your connection with nature to another level. But, are you concerned about water consumption? A rainwater tank system is a perfect way to recycle this important resource for our planet and enjoy these elements without additional expenses. You can also install solar panels to power outdoor equipment and lighting.

Native landscaping:

Incorporate a variety of plants in your garden that are native to the climatic conditions of the area where your home is located so that they do not require irrigation. Landscaping with these plants has the great advantage of requiring minimal maintenance, apart from adding an organic beauty to the whole.

Multipurpose spaces:

Your outdoor spaces can fulfill multiple functions by adapting them. You could, for example, arrange an area to share cocktails in a lounge setting that can also be used for family evenings with simple changes such as incorporating bonfires or allowing a portable screen to function as a home theater. Wood-look tiles and stone-look tiles can be great allies to maintain harmony with the rest of the environment, give continuity to the colors of the exterior, and have a coating easy to maintain.


The idea is to think beyond the charcoal or gas grill and the summer barbecue days. Investing in some equipment to have a functional kitchen independent of the main kitchen in outdoor spaces can change the experience of your home, both to enjoy with your family and when you have to host gatherings with friends.


It’s time to stop going out to your garden with the help of a flashlight to fight the darkness once the sun goes down. The possibilities of lighting systems allow you to have luminosity in large areas of the exteriors of your home and control it even from a mobile device to optimize its use. There is no doubt that an outdoor area that is lighted is a usable outdoor area.

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